Our Ministries

Here you will find a listing of the available ministries at Elon First Baptist Church:

Christian Education
Adult & Youth Bible Study
Sunday School
Scholarship Ministry

Community Outreach:

Evangelism & Outreach Services
Food & Clothing Bank


Elon Gospel Chorus
Male Chorus
Senior Choir
Young Adult Choir
Youth Choir
Praise Team
Combined (Mass) Choir

Fine Arts: 

Daughters of Zion Dance Ministry
Portrait of Praise Dance Ministry
Divine Portrait of Praise Dance Ministry
Mime Ministry
Worshippers of Wisdom Dance Ministry
Drama Ministry

Pastoral Support:

Shepherd’s Care
Deaconess Ministry
Intercessory Prayer
Guardian Angels Ministry

Dedicated Services:

Beautification Ministry
Child Care & Nursery Ministry
Decorating Ministry
Culinary Ministry
Weddings, Special Projects & Events

Health and Wellness: 

Health/Wellness Ministry

Ministries for all Ages:

Youth Ministry
Young Adult Ministry
Seasoned Saints (Ages 65 & Up) Ministry

Ministries for Men & Women: 

Women of Virtue
Men on the Move Fellowship
Parenting Ministry
Singles’ Ministry
College Ministry
My Marriage Matters Ministry

 Worship Services:

Media Ministry
Sound Ministry
Parking Lot
Altar Ministry
New Members/Discipleship Ministry
Ushers Ministry
Meet and Greet Ministry

If you are an EFBC Ministry Team Leader requesting a design and/or materials for your next event, please submit your request here!