Beautification Ministry

The mission of the Beautification Ministry is to beautify and create a more inviting exterior atmosphere, enhancing the worship experience.

Team Leader: Jacqueline Moore


Child Care & Nursery Ministry

The Child Care & Nursery Ministry serves the church and congregants by committing their time and experience to care for their children and their families; and create a safe and quality program during Sunday worship services, as well as all other special services held within the church.

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • Have a vision of this child care ministry as a way to live out the gospel of God’s love as expressed through Jesus Christ to the families of our community.

Team Leader: Lashunna Yancey


Decorating Ministry

The purpose of the Decorating Ministry is to use our services and talents to enhance our house of worship and create a beautiful place to magnify the name of the Lord.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: Ensuring that the sanctuary, as well as all other areas of the church are appropriately decorated for various occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, and other special events.

Team Leader: Almeta Degraffenridt


Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Committee is responsible for all food service. This Ministry has the responsibility to oversee the operation, use, cleanliness, and maintenance and its equipment.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Plan meals in accordance with good dietary procedure. Order appropriate provisions, materials, and supplies for special fellowship meals, youth ministries and outreach ministries, various church-wide functions, funerals and social events as requested and required.
  • Maintain high standards of sanitation in cleanliness of cooking utensils, dishes, glasses, silverware, food handling, preparation, service, and storage in accordance.
  • Exemplify a gracious, cooperative spirit with the pastor, God’s people, and the church so that everyone participating in food service activities will be spiritually enriched and grow in Christian love and unity (see Ephesians 4:11-16).


Weddings, Special Projects & Events

The Weddings, Special Projects & Events Ministry serves the church by coordinating the church’s special projects and events and to organize and improve the quality of special programs, thereby increasing the ministries’ attractiveness and effectiveness.

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • Assisting the Program Director with weddings and special events by:
    • Ascertaining that wedding ceremonies and special events are planned and facilitated in a manner adhering to Christian standards.
    • Determine date and time of ceremony/service, complete facilities information form.
    • Advise person(s) of any special instructions including trustees and audio/visual, etc.
    • Determine and schedule rehearsal times and inform the trustees and audio/visual, etc.
    • Remind the trustees to have the church open with lights and air/heat on at least two hours before the ceremony/service begins.
    • Must ascertain that ushers/greeters, security, audio/visual workers, etc. are serving in their perspective places.

Team Leader: Dana Williams