Women of Virtue

The Women of Virtue Ministry serves the church by meeting the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs of women in their various stages of life and cultural diversity, with a sensitive, caring, nurturing, and clear, spiritual understanding of God’s design for women.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Develop and implement programs and seminars for the purpose of networking with existing support groups that are active in the church, such as programs that may involve support for: abused women, single parents, career transition, addictive behavior, time management, grief recovery, self-improvement, and for women married to non-believers.
  • Provide an environment where women can frankly discuss family and social problems and receive scriptural-based counsel and prayer.

Team Leader: Stella Mabugu

Men on the Move Fellowship

The Men on the Move Ministry  serves the church by developing, coordinating, and administering an effective and comprehensive ministry to meet the needs of men in the church and community, in an effort to establish and maintain a close relationship and fellowship among the brethren that will encourage spiritual growth through consistent study of the Word, prayer, faithfulness in attendance, stewardship, and lifestyle.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Provide an environment where men can frankly discuss family and social problems and receive scriptural-based counsel and prayer.
  • Develop and conduct on a periodic basis, a wide variety of programs and activities that will meet the various contemporary needs of a diverse male constituency including assisting single parents in the rearing of their children.

Team Leaders: Jeffrey Hill and Ricky Walker


Parenting Ministry

The Parenting ministry of Elon First Baptist Church is committed to coming along side of parents to help them learn every day practical ways to live out God’s principles in their parenting. We first and foremost encourage parents to be dependent upon God’s grace and His enabling power, to give them the strength to parent Biblically.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Discuss the Biblical foundations for parenting
  • Discuss practical help for struggling parents
  • Plan special outings for parents to fellowship, converse, worship, etc.

Team Leader: Shontell Young

Singles’ Ministry

The Single’s Ministry exists to provide a place and a message where modern day single adults, with or without children, may be attracted to the claims of Christ, both personally and corporately, in a nonjudgmental, non-threatening, loving, problem-sharing and solving atmosphere that helps them to deal authentically with their needs.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Work with the leaders of the Single’s Ministries to identify and provide ministry opportunities for single members to ensure that they are integral and active members in the church.
  • Be concerned about the single population by conducting annual surveys to determine the needs and interests of singles for the purpose of developing effective and appropriate means of meeting those needs and interests.

Team Leader: DeAndra Young

College Ministry

The College Ministry serves the church by developing, coordinating, and administering programs that will keep the college students active while ministering to them and teaching them Christian values, self-esteem, honesty, integrity, and a deep and abiding faith in God as a means to living productive, healthy, meaningful and godly lifestyles.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Challenge the students to acquire Christian character and discipline, a sense of self-worth, fair-play, and an appreciation and respect for others through wholesome physical and mental recreation through character-building programs.
  • Involve the students in ministry responsibility and participation in the ministry’s program and activities in an effort to promote a sense of unity and fellowship among the congregation.
  • Teach the youth what it means to have a personal relationship with God and how to seek to know His Word and what He has to say.

Team Leader: Nompahla Mtsambiwa


My Marriage Matters Ministry

My Marriage Matters Ministry serves the church by implementing and coordinating curriculum and activities geared toward couples in ministry.

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • Lead the couples of the church in biblical knowledge of what Christ requires of us as husbands and wives through retreats, outings, and classes that will strengthen marriages.
  • Motivate the couples to mirror their relationship with each other as Christ is to the Church.
  • Provide question and answer sessions and studies that teach the principles of marriage found in God’s Word, prove mentoring of young couples when desired.
  • Represent the church in planning and conducting activities that involve other churches and groups.

Team Leaders: Charles and Jennifer Carter