Our Music Ministy Choirs/Teams

The Elon First Baptist Church Gospel Chorus

The Elon Gospel Chorus has been singing God’s praises and ministering to His people for since its formation in 1945 by Evangelist Mary J. Ireland, a long-time member of Elon First Baptist Church. The Elon Gospel Chorus currently consists of approximately 25 members, and renders music on each first Sunday of the month, under the direction of Minister of Music, Bro. Bennett Yancey. The choir accepts frequent invitations to sing at various churches and events throughout the community, and is well-known for its powerful ability to touch the hearts and souls of people through song. We invite anyone with a love for Gospel music, and has a desire to sing for the Glory of God to come join us!

Team Leader: Deacon Steve Burton

The Elon First Baptist Church Youth Choir

TheElon Youth Choir¬†gives youth of all ages the opportunity to minister in songs through God’s word. The songs we sing are not catered to one particular group. We try to choose songs that inspire and uplift the youth, young adult, and the seniors. The songs are chosen this way because God has no respecter of persons. The Youth Choir sings every 3rd Sunday at the 11:00am Morning Worship Service.

Team Leader: Donielle Hill

The Elon First Baptist Young Adult Choir

The Elon First Baptist Young Adult Choir is a ministry birthed out of the vision of our former Pastor M. Keith McDaniel, Sr. This choir was formed in 2008 with the purpose of providing an opportunity for young adults to participate in the music ministry. The mission of this choir is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, to uplift the Lord, and to encourage those who hear to enter into corporate worship. The Young Adult Choir sings every 3rd Sunday at the 8:45am Hour of Empact Worship Service.

Team Leader: Sydney Wrenwick

The Elon First Baptist Church Praise Team

The Elon First Baptist Praise Team consists of people who have a strong passion for ushering the presence of God in our worship celebrations reminding us that our life is all about God being glorified in every aspect of our lives. The Praise Team sings each Sunday at the 8:45am and 11:00am Worship Services.

Team Leader: Tiana Taylor

The Elon First Baptist Senior Choir

The Elon Senior Choir is a ministry that gives our young at heart the opportunity to minister through song. The ministry of this choir consists of singing, serving others and encouraging the senior population by sending the message that they are as important as anyone in the eyes of God and God’s children. The senior choir has the will and desire to give God the praise and remind us of where we come from praising God for the foundation as well as the future. The Senior Choir sings every 2nd Sunday.

Team Leader: Michelle Blackwell

The Elon Male Chorus

The Elon Male Chorus gives men of all ages the opportunity to minister through song. The Male Chorus specializes in the quartet style of gospel music. Our male chorus is focused on ministering God’s Word through song and service. It is the goal of the male chorus to exalt Jesus and let the world know that there are men who are passionate about God and not ashamed to sing of His goodness. The Elon Male Chorus sings every 4th Sunday.

Team Leader: Carl Ireland

Combined (Mass) Choir

The Elon Combined Choir consists of all members of every component of the Elon First Baptist Church music ministry and those who may not currently be involved in any area of music ministry. The Combined Choir sings every 5th Sunday Worship Service and any other times requested by the Pastor and/or Minister of Music. Expressing unity and oneness, the Elon Combined Choir serves as a picture of what happens when all of God’s people come together regardless of musical preference.