Evangelism & Outreach Services

The Evangelism Ministry (“To Bring Good News”) is  to evangelize and win the lost by any means necessary by communicating the plan of salvation with clarity and conviction, through creative ways to present the message based on the age or life style of their audience.  By having this ability to build relationships with unbelievers, you challenge people to faith in Jesus Christ everywhere you go.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Maintain an enthusiasm for God and evangelism that is contagious to any church.
  • Have a passion for lost souls and helping others in their spiritual growth.
  • Familiarize oneself with Scriptures that explain how to become a Christian and Scriptures that provide assurance of salvation.

Food and Clothing Bank

The Food & Clothing Bank Ministry serves the church by building bridges in the community with organizations that are willing to partner with the ministry in providing food and clothing to help fulfill its stated goals.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Sort and ready donations for distribution, organize resources, which include clothing and non-perishable foods: canned, boxed, bagged, and dried; keep order in public spaces and assist members/clients with their needs.

Team Leaders: Teresa Walker and Joan Shoffner


The Elon First Baptist Church Missionaries have dedicated their lives to fulfilling the Great Commission: to preach the Gospel, baptizing and making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). A Christian missionary is commissioned by the Lord to make disciples, followers of Christ. Jesus commands all Christians to share the Gospel, the message of His death and resurrection that conquered the penalty and power of sin. Whatever their support function, the primary job of missionaries is to draw people closer to Jesus.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: EFBC Missionaries make themselves familiar with the congregation and surrounding communities by visiting the sick and shut in, educating non-believers of the Gospel, and living by example through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Team Leader: Rosetta Foust