Deaconess Ministry

The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to care for and assist the needs of the overall congregation.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Take care of the communion cloths, clean, prepare, and restore the utensils used after each Communion Service.
  • Give counsel and serve as role models for the young ladies of the church and the community.

Team Leader: Lynnetta Burton

Guardian Angels Ministry

The Guardian Angels Ministry serves the church by protecting the ministry’s property, to secure the buildings so that all who enter may worship freely and in His peace. Serving as a security specialist helping to ensure the church provides the safest possible environment for children and adults attending and serving during weekly services and special events.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Stand watch during services and at other critical times to ensure the safest possible environment is maintained. Incidents are confronted and addressed in an effective manner that minimizes disruption and harm to persons or property.

Team Leader: Jamar Porter, Sr. 


Intercessory Prayer

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry serves the church by encouraging, praying for, promoting a spirit of unity, and creating an atmosphere of harmony and peace among the members by the Intercessory Prayer Ministry’s team own pleasant attitude, personality, and enthusiasm for prayer, praise and worship, and to encourage every member’s timely participation in prayer.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Pray daily and lead continual prayers for the church leadership and the needs of the members, prosperity, church activities, ministries, local, national, and international concerns, leaders, rulers, governors, and men in authority everywhere, and prayer requests for needs such as salvation, protection, wisdom and safety for leaders, etc.; encourage prayer for foreign and home missions.

Team Leader: Mother Loraine Patrick


Shepherd’s Care

The Shepherd’s Care Ministry serves the church by complementing the pulpit ministry through sharing love, support, encouragement, strength and providing service to the Pastor and his/her family.

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • To lead the congregation to financially blessing the Pastor for anniversary, birthdays, and Christmas.
  • To lead the congregation in praying for the Pastor, and having a heart of compassion and generosity.
  • To find creative ways to involve the congregation in showing support for the Pastor.
  • Always exemplify love and respect for the Pastor in order that others will follow your lead.
  • Always cover your Pastor in words, action and deeds.

Team Leader: Dorothy Wilkins