Media and Sound Ministries

The Media and Sound Ministries serve the church by organizing and producing the media ministry, maintaining a good quality sound in the Worship Services and/or special events

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • Ensure that the Sound Room is in operation at the beginning of every service/event, and other equipment (microphones, monitors, etc.) is set up as needed.
  • Ascertain that the Services and special events are always captured on audio and video.
  • Ascertain that staff fills all orders and sales requests for audio and video recordings.

Team Leaders: Bently Patrick and Kristina Rogers

Parking Lot

The Parking Lot Ministry provides a safer, more convenient place for people to fellowship and visit.

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • Managing the flow of traffic by ushering cars into spaces in a safe and feasible manner
  • Providing easy access from the parking lot to the church building
  • Welcoming people with a warm, friendly greeting

Altar Ministry

The Altar Ministry extends beyond the church service. If those seeking prayer, desire information can be taken for a follow up visit by a church leader.

Ministry Spotlight Focus:

  • Provide a comfortable, secure atmosphere by conveying a pleasant demeanor and a professional appearance.
  • Seek to discover the person’s need, doing so with gentleness, tact, and respect. Never push for details.
  • Be specific in prayer with the needy individual, while displaying a sincere desire to intercede.
  • Be prepared to catch those who have been slain in the spirit.

Team Leader: Germaine Staten

New Members/Discipleship Ministry

The New Members’ Coordinator serves the church by keeping complete and accurate records of members and visitors so that the pastor and staff may effectively serve the membership and community – ensuring that all new members are accounted for and working in at least one church auxiliary.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • The New Members Ministry operates as the initial person who will meet and greet the new convert.  They are known as the Intake volunteers who will welcome new members after each worship service and present them with a New Member Packet with pertinent information – including a New Member Information Form and Questionnaire.
  • The Discipleship Ministry is to appoint a minister and/or deacon to stay in touch with the new member by calling and being the person to receive calls regarding any questions or concerns they may have about the church operations, ministries, bible studies, etc.

Team Leader: Anita Porter

Ushers Ministry and Meet and Greet Ministry

The Ushers’ & Greeters’ Ministry serves the church by maintaining perfect order, thereby creating an atmosphere that is sacred and worshipful.

Ministry Spotlight Focus: 

  • Because you are the initial person members/guests come in contact with, please be pleasant, smiling and make each person feel special.
  • Dress attire should be professional and reflect the ministry.
  • Welcome guests with an attitude of thanksgiving.
  • Present a positive image of the church while offering direction when needed and guiding guests through the church’s facilities.
  • Maintain order during services, being mindful of when there is too much movement in sanctuary.
  • Maintain crowd control.
  • Assist at the altar during prayer or anywhere in the church when people are rejoicing.
  • Be available for worship services, bible study, funerals, and all special services.
  • Be mindful that there is security on duty at all times, please give way to them when needed.

Ushers’ Ministry Team Leader: Robert McGuire
Meet and Greet Ministry Team Leader: Effie Swift