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church leadership

Our team is a transformational leadership group, that effectively leads and inspires the vision of the Church for the future. They also motivate people to engage with others for the growth of the Kingdom.

Executive Board

Rev. Dr. James H. Wilkes, Jr. - Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Benita Lewis - Executive Pastor

Rev. Lewis D. Summers, Sr.
Lawrence Slade

Alanna Cousin 

Donovan Liggins

Ashely Johnson

Gerald Walden
Rev. Dedrick Young


Donovan Liggins - Chair

Alanna Cousin

Brandon Burris

Bobby Cousin

Thurston Davis

Shinita Wrenwick
Theodore Parker


Lawrence Slade - Chair
Lazaar Davis - Vice Chair

Steve Burton

Charles Carter

Sandra Gant-Satterfield

John Thompson

Arthur Lewis

Chambers Major

Donnell Neal

Ricky Walker

Leslie Weaver

Michael Weaver


Rickiah Wingfield - Executive Pastor

Dr. Benita Lewis - Executive Pastor

Lewis D. Summers, Sr. - Associate Pastor

Dedrick Young - East Burlington Campus Pastor

Sheila Lea

Barbara McAllister

Darris Vaughn

Jean Parris

Yvonne King

Linda Carter

Ida Major

JoAlice Smith

Renee Tinnin

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